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mCHP Generator

Micro Combined Heat and Power System


        The mCHP Generator system allows customers seeking to use Natural Gas or Propane as a fuel source to take advantage of the 1 kW of electricity and 6 kW (20,500 BTU’s) of thermal energy offered by the Microgen Stirling Engine.

       The mCHP Generator is your solution to on-site power and heat generation using clean burning natural gas. On-site power generations means that the there are no losses of electricity due to transmission and distribution like there are in electrical generation at large power plants. What’s more, the mCHP Generatoris 95% efficient, meaning you get more bang for your buck while producing up to 86% less CO2 per electrical unit than those homes without the mCHP Generator.

Electrical Power Output: 1 kW, 60 Hz, 120 vAC

Thermal Output: 6.5 kW (22,178 BTU)

Fuel Type: Natural Gas, Propane

Fuel Consumption: 26 cubic feet/hour (natural gas)

Overall Efficiency: 95%

On-Grid power generation

Microgen Stirling Engine Lifetime: 50,000 hours

     The energy flow diagram shown below depicts a typical 24 hour period of energy usage for two homes with differing sources of energy. Both homes charge their electric vehicles

     The home on top features a mCHP Generator that uses natural gas to supply 1 kW of electricity and 6.5 kW of heat. At 95% efficiency, the mCHP Generator requires 192 kWh of natural gas to operate all day.

     In using this energy to heat the home and charge an electric vehicle, the mCHP Generator home results in 169.2 kWh of utilized energy, 12.8 kWh of rejected heat (wasted energy), and 73 lb. of carbon dioxide emissions.

     The other home uses coal electricity and a heat pump to heat the home. Due to average power plant efficiencies of 32.5%, and transmission and distribution losses of 5%, approx. 3x as much coal must be burned in order to make up for these energy losses and get electricity to this home.

      The coal electricity home requires 416 kWh of coal energy every day to match the mCHP Generator energy output. This results in the same amount of utilized energy as the remCHP Generator home, but wastes 297.2 kWh of energy and produces 328 lb. of carbon dioxide every day. That’s over 4x the carbon dioxide emissions as the mCHP Generator home!

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