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BioGen Micro Combined Heat and Power System

The World's First Continuously Operating Gasifier

 The first true off-grid electrical system of its kind, our biomass fueled, BioGen combined heat and power system creates up to 1 kW of electricity by harnessing the power of gasified biomass.

The robust design our biomass system utilizes the full potential of biomass by creating 8.5 kW (29,000 BTU’s) of thermal energy for domestic water & space heating in addition to electricity.

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Electrical Power Output: 1 kW, 60 Hz, 230 vAC

Thermal Output: 8.5 kW (29,000 BTU)

Fuel Type: Wood pellets. Wood chips – special order –Contact us for details. For other fuels, such as walnut shells, contact us for customization opportunities.

Fuel Consumption: 6.2 lb./hour

Off-grid Capabilities: Capable of both off-grid and grid-tied installations

Biochar Production: 1 lb./hour

Engine Lifetime: 50,000 hours


        Daily: Biochar removal every 12 hours

        Periodic ash removal and clean out

In a Carbon Negative Process, the biogen gasifies biomass in our patent-pending gasifier, the first continuously operating gasifier of its kind,  and the resulting biogas is combusted in our robust vortex burner to heat and power the Microgen Stirling Engine; meanwhile, the waste produced by this process is not waste at all.

This waste byproduct is actually viable biochar, which works effectively as a soil amendment for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Wood pellets, saw dust, wood chips, and rice husks not only represent various forms of renewable energy, but these are also waste byproducts of industrial processes that should be tapped into in order to utilize their full potential for environmental benefits.

Head to the Continuously Innovating Page for more information on the environmental benefits of biochar.


        We are currently seeking customers for our Beta Stirling Engine Combined Heat and Power Systems featuring the patented Vortex Combustion Burner for biomass such as the one shown above. These Beta Systems allow us to interact with customers directly, and work with them to continue to refine our products.

Beta customers would ideally be located within 60 miles of the Combined Energy Technology Headquarters, located in Athens, OH.

       More importantly, we get to put these systems to the test against varying conditions all over the world, and demonstrate the robust performance we have become familiar with during the development of these systems at Combined Energy Technology.

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